22 January 2013

Wedding Gift amigurumi who flight to Korea by Lenn's craft

This time Lenn's Craft got a project to make amigurumi for Korean’s wedding gift. I forget exactly where the excat town. I just remember South Korea. WAW. My craft are going to Korea.

Since the theme is marriage. So I made a couple of course. And a little decoration using mini pearl and tulle for make some kind of wedding dress. Bring a small bouquet also let them more deserve being couple. .

Why I created bear?? Because according me bear are more universal anyway. Then yoyo and cici. Why Yoyo Cici. Because they are identical with the cute couple like they are who marriage. So I hope that Koreans can also apperciate with my craft. Cause I design it by my own ^.^

See ya my craft. Hope all of you happy there. xoxo

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  1. yay congrats ya. lucu banget!

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