13 August 2012

Cute Eeyore stuff

Frankly, I didn't really love Eeyore. First time I made it cause of ordered by someone. Sometime when I try upload on my Facebook, Lots of girls too excited saw this picture and lots of them booked it too. And the must important to know is.....it was my first time to create Famous cartoon character. I thought its too hard, cause we must create his face very similiar or more cute .Pattern created by me ^^.


  1. Hey!!! I was wondering, would you mind sharing the pattern?? my mom loves eeyore and her birthday is coming, and this is so cute i would love to crochet this for her :D

  2. i was woundering if you could send me the patteren. my son is turning 2 and is in love eeyore. I would love to crochet this for him since he carries one on my old eeyores around with him. I feel a special gift like this would be awsome for him.

  3. could you make me a crochet cute eeyore like the one above