29 August 2012

Lenn's craft

Maybe you have not heard Lenn's Craft?
Lenn's Craft is selling cute stuff that i made in online. But delivery has reached almost all parts of Indonesia. Export Taiwan, and my work has traveled to South Korea as well.
Subscribers both from the students, young mothers, children, all age and even the artist management. Yeay !

What is being sold?? Actually  Amigurumi - crochet doll, Flannel cake , accessories and more. 
Almost all Lenn's Craft products are hand-made designs and my work. There are some also that duplication or modify as well.

Many people like to ask and wonder. Want to know the crafter Helen Lin's figure. A love for fashion design, craft. Some day I want to be fashion designer too.
Many also thought I was a grown woman. When in fact it still looks like a young child.
Blame me  why I was so petite.

Even though I was young, but my passion quite great. Much of the work that I make are my own designs and patterns made ​​my own. But some of the my craft inspired by another crafter. But I'm always trying to avoid the same as the property of others :)
You may also drop at my blog and get some inspiration as well

Welcome and enjoy !

I would be little showy and narcism selca photos and my work
 When I created accessories. (roses croen, fur single earing, and bracelet from cotton and bead)

Certaintly with my crochet doll. Hahaha

Lenn's craft and chibi 1st project

Lenn's Craft and Cherrybelle

Kezia with her favorite color is yellow~ Gigi chibi, Felly chibi. Original design by Helen ^^. 

Anisa chibi>> rambutnya kan masih item sendiri tuh :p, Ryn yang paling pirang kan? Christy chibi suka ungu ^^
Cherly chibi, Angel chibi, Steffy chibi

Lenn's craft got first project for Cherrybelle

Awalnya sedikit kaget ketika Om Glenn tiba-tiba kontak aku malem malem. Beliau sudah melihat beberapa foto Crochet doll buatan dan desainku sendiri. Seneng deh dipuji-puji ampe melayang. Dan lebih senengnya lagi beliau minat banget pesen buat para chibi plus managernya Ko Victor. >.<

Kukira ini hanya lelucon dan karena aku yang sudah mengantuk, mungkin ga sadar 100% jadi otaknya suka berfantasi  kemana-mana. Setelah bener-bener ditelpon. Nah, aku baru sadar dan langsung melek.

Setelah lama berbincang bincang dari yang perkenalan rumah dimana dan lainnya, akhirnya beliau memutuskan memesan boneka rajutku berbentuk personel Cherrybelle. "Mukanya yang ceria dan miripin style khas mereka ya Len." .Begitu ungkapan terakir di telpon.

Masih ga percaya sih sejujurnya. Aku kira masih sebuah lelucon. Tapii nyatanya Om Glenn transfer full payment ke nomor rekening aku untuk pembayaran boneka chibi. Nah. ini aku baru bener-bener percaya!!

Sorenya, googling semua tentang anggota chibi. Dari nama lengkap sampai warna favorit. Lol. 

Ambil kertas dan pensil, langsung desainin bentuk bentuk para chibi~

 Chibi masi botak >.< hahhaha !

Chibi at garden ^.^

Foto ini diambil sekitar bulan Juli. Maaf baru share. Baru kenal dunia blog akhir-akhir ini sih.
Bulan Agustus ini aku dapet project Cherrybelle lagi, tapi yang pesen Om Produsernya :) Tunggu postingan selanjutnya ya ~ Ohh senangnyaaaa

23 August 2012

Crochet pouch for gift

I had a friend. Although our relationship is not what it used to, not as close as before, but I wanted to give still want recalls her memories.
A little sad when I make her knitted this. Her reaction was not as excited just yet. Usually when I make her craft. My friend is always excited and happy like a child got a candy.
But I hope she will keep well. And always remind of me. hahaha. I exaggerated as usual: p

22 August 2012

Picachu handmade doll (crochet stuff)

Pica- picaa.. Kyaa. I do really love this character. In his film too. Japanese cartoon when i was kid and always wait him in sunday morning.
Now please welcomee. hihihi my pica doll.I crocheting and remember my chilhood.

Panda berry amigurumi

Stitch Crochet stuff

I just made it. Bigger stich that i've made beforee

Someone costumer suddenly sending me text. She wanted to knit dolls made ​​Stich form. At first I did not want to accept her request. Why? Because I think that makes the famous character was quite difficult. Having to have a resemblance to the character. If you do not like, it feels very strange.

Apparently I'm quite managed to make this Stich. The proof, much like the photo I shared on Facebook and many are repeat orders. What a lovely day ~

The second picture is my friend orders to her besties. I edit a little vintage style. Sorry I'm not a good photo editing. Amateur ~

21 August 2012

Couple Kuya Crochet

Couple kuya. Kuya?? Hahaha It heard so ridiculous . Like a kid . But I confuse to named them.

then i made in another colour.
look at them


Big teddy bear crochet doll

This is the biggest project I've ever made. A bit surprised when my elder classmate asked me to crochet for her. I think initially just a joke.

Because she asked for a large size and it does not matter if they're expensive.

And that is very surprising. She would pay in full when she ordered it. Instead of waiting for me to finish or provide cash collateral and others.

Luckilys he liked the result and is often invited to sleep together ^ ^

Well let you Big Teddy :)

Honey Bear handmade stuff

19 August 2012

Cute monkey crochet

Many of the guys who like these monkeys Shaped. I also do not know why? 

But after many times I stare my monkey. Well. really cute. Hahaha. Hmm I think all of my craft always looks cute and unique. Upppsss. How cocky i am. ckck

Ice cone amigurumi

Ice Cone. Little bit ridiculous. wkwkwk

Mini girl and monk pray

Super mini girl and monk pray

Falshdisk head :) handmade craft~ Mini Kawaii amigurumi

Mendadak bosen dengan flashdisk yang polos dan monoton. Yahh uda deh, ditambahin aja kepala "sesuatu". Adakah dari kalian yang tau ini bentuk apa ya? Sebenernya aku sendiri ga tau ini apaan loh. Ayam?Kucing?Kambing? Atau cumi?
Wkwkwk. Cuma saja ada seorang teman mengatakan "Pets di game audition bentuknya lucu. Siapa tau jadi inspirasi"
Setelah diberi sample gambar "pet" tadi. Dan ternyata emang bener lucu semua. ^^
Tuh akhirnya jadi satu. Sesuatuh dengan bunga di kepala. :)

Instagram Pouch Crochet

So can't wait to show off the new pouch. ^-^. Incidentally Instagram again booming in cyberspace as well.

18 August 2012

Captain America Crochet Pouch

Captain America pouch . Insiration from Avenger movie. Taken in front of my brother assigment.

head band crochet

I actually do not sell the head band. When I first share my another picture of head band on Blackberry display picture. Someone on my contact  also request to made for her. And the funny thing is, she asked me in my own design. A little difficult to determine which design for her.

Cutie girl amigurumi

Colorful Clown crochet doll

Colorful clown. Height arround 20 cm. It was ordered by pretty Doctor from Lampung :) He brings a basket full of lace and flower.

Mini amigurumi sent to Taiwan

First Project sent to Taiwan. It was my honour can make mini stuff with batik to Taiwanese. They wear simple Batik fabric just to intoduce Indonesian culture.
Satisfied with all of them?

16 August 2012

Giraffe Crochet doll

Jerapah muka songong. Hahaha~
Sudahkah mukanyaku seperti jerapah yang songong ? :p